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IESE Business School (2017)
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20 pages
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Field research


DBS, the largest bank in Southeast Asia, embarked on a journey of digital transformation in late 2013. In parallel with creating a new organizational unit called Digibank to spearhead the bank's expansion into new markets, the bank launched the Digital Mindset program to help change the company from within. This case, set in 2015, outlines the key moments of the transformational journey and describes the strategy taken by the new CEO to improve the bank's customer satisfaction ratings while also revolutionizing the way banking services were seen internally. Externally, the bank was using digital technology opportunities to expand into new countries where partnerships and acquisitions were not an option. Internally, top management was using the Digital Mindset program extensively to revolutionize business processes and ideation. Now the questions were how to make this type of thinking sustainable, how to reach everyone in the bank, and what to do next to keep the momentum going.


Digital transformation; Fintech; Digital mindset; Innovation; Banking; Technology; Asia

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