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Business Expert Press (2018)
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"21st Century Skills for Non-Profit Managers: A Practical Guide on Leadership and Management"
31 pages


Over the last 30 years non-profit organizations have grown massively in capacity, scope, and authority right across the world. There is a growing demand for services so there are numerous opportunities for non-profits to respond innovatively and sustainably. If you are an experienced non-profit manager, you will know the role is sometimes frustrating but always exhilarating, involving work with people, guiding their ideas and energy and empowering them. Severe funding cuts since the recession make this even more testing, but new prospects are also opening up. If you are new to the management role or the sector, you need a practical book describing good practice to guide you through the issues and problems. If you manage a small non-profit, you have to multitask, manage your time and prioritize different tasks. If you have taken on extra responsibilities, you need new skills and knowledge such as how to generate funding. This book covers all essential aspects (staffing, communications, charity governance, donations, corporate social responsibility, crowdfunding). It contains useful case studies, resources and links, but avoids jargon and intellectualizing. Topics include how to prepare a successful business plan, empower staff and clients, write a successful fundraising application to a trust, or prepare and submit a tender to the US state governments or the UK National Health Service. There is something of use for everyone. Don has used his experience as a non-profit manager, volunteer, staffer, fundraiser, trustee and consultant, along with his time overseeing community project funding; so as a gamekeeper turned poacher. This makes the book relevant, topical, and helpful.


Business ethics; Charity donation; Charity; Competitive tendering; Corporate social responsibility; Crowdfunding; Development; Diversity; Education; Empowerment; Evaluation; Fundraising; General and human resource management; Grant making; Green environment

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