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IBS Center for Management Research (2017)
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This case is about the integrated marketing strategy adopted by HBO for its hit TV drama series Game of Thrones (GoT), which went on to develop a cult-like following. In order to promote the show, HBO developed a multichannel marketing plan which focused on finding innovative ways to keep its consumers engaged at each step of the experience, from generating awareness before the show launched, to maintaining high levels of engagement, and finally, cultivating consumers. HBO extensively promoted its show through social media, print, television, online communities and outdoor promotions. Although the drama series attracted criticism for its display of extreme violence and nudity, it managed to create a huge fan base across the world due to its spectacular storyline and brilliant execution and its excellent marketing strategy. A mix of smart marketing campaigns and a consumer-generated internet buzz sustained interest levels among the audience from season to season. However, some experts felt that TV networks resorting to alternative media and gimmicks was not without its downside as it called into question the credibility of the TV medium itself. Going forward, one of the challenges for HBO would be to hold the interest of the audience and to engage them even in the forthcoming seasons of the series and beyond.


Integrated marketing strategy; Social media marketing; Content marketing; Multichannel marketing; Digital marketing; Marketing communications; Game of thrones; HBO
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