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Subject category: Marketing
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Harvard Business Publishing (2018)
19 March 2018
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CEO Art Peck was eliminating his creative directors for The Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic brands and promoting a collective creative ecosystem fueled by the input of big data. Rather than relying on artistic vision, Peck wanted the company to use the mining of big data obtained from Google Analytics and the company's own sales and customer databases to select the next season's assortment. Peck was betting that intelligence fueled by big data could outperform a fashion industry creative director at predicting the future fashion trends and tastes of consumers.


Artificial Intelligence; Big data; Branding; Brands; Consumer behavior; Data; Forecasting; Marketing; Marketing channels; Marketing strategy; Operations management; Predictive analytics; Preferences; Strategy; Supply & demand
Fortune 500 Company; > USD1 billion
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