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Kirankumar S Momaya (Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management (SJMSOM), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay))
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Capabilities related to management of technology and innovation (MoT) are becoming a necessity for cost competitiveness as well as differentiation in emerging era. Vonda Motors was in two wheeler segment that was at the cross road, as superior products from Japanese firms were sure to disrupt the market and Indian firms were far behind on capabilities. Diagnostics identified major gaps on key dimensions of process, product, technological innovation and other capabilities. Post the diagnostics, the firm embarked on alternate options to bridge capability gaps on different levels of the 'Elements of MoT'. After bridging lower level gaps, the firm embarked on an ambitious program of developing capabilities on complex elements from technology up gradation and New Product Development (NPD) to 'international commercialization'. The case provides light on select key issues related to role of MoT for competitiveness. The case helps understand the context of decisions related to technological capabilities using a framework and associated tools. This case attempts to make some sense of the black box of MoT capabilities (including innovation capabilities) by using a simple yet powerful framework of 'Elements of MoT capabilities' to address key questions. The core question is how do MoT capabilities help for differentiation and competitiveness?


MoT and international competitiveness; Elements of MoT; Innovation capabilities and NPD success; Dynamic capabilities; Cooperative strategies; Technology strategy; Strategic alliances
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