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Babson College (2018)
March 2018
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Field research


This case presents the start-up and growth of Preserve, a sustainability-driven business and B Corp, in the circular economy. The case focuses on the meaning of 'growth' as the strategic intent for a sustainability-driven business. It explores to what extent a purpose-driven business like Preserve could meet the challenge of simultaneously being a social value leading business and keeping financial sustainability with the current business model. The case examines Preserve's founding mission and organizational values; discusses the tradeoff between social mission and economic goals; the importance of stakeholder collaboration and communication for sustainability and growth; and introduces the framework of SEERS - Social, Environmental, Economic Responsibility and Sustainability - for evaluating Preserve's sustainability strategy.


Sustainability; Circular economy; Closed loop; Recycling; Social and commercial value; Blended value; Benefit corporation; B Corporation; Seers; Corporate responsibility; Start-up; Entrepreneurship; Operations management; Household products; Leadership

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2018 - oikos Case Writing Competition - second prize winner

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