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Reference no. BW0004V
Subject category: Marketing
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El Izi Communications Consultancy UK Ltd (2018)
21 minutes
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Field research
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Since marketing's first P stands for 'Product', product standardization and sustainable quality are usually the first concepts that need to be explained in marketing and branding. Therefore, in this case, we see how product standardization is attained through the McDonald's example and learn what standardization really involves from production to purchasing, all the way to logistics. McDonald's Managing Director in Turkey Oguz Ucanlar, tells us how they sustain standardization and quality in every product they produce, in every country they operate. We also learn the essentials of being a product first, and then followed by becoming a brand. In the Q&A section, core product, augmented product characteristics, as well as product-service differentiation are discussed over the McDonald's example, while explaining the basic criteria for becoming a brand.


Marketing; Product standardisation; Marketing-mix; Product; Branding; International brands; International markets; Emerging markets; Turkey; McDonald's; Fast-food sector
USD20 billion
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