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INSEAD (2018)
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36 pages
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Field research


When 3G Capital bought Burger King from TPG, Bain Capital and Goldman in 2010, the fastfood chain was losing momentum. By 2014, the business was back in growth mode but the Burger King brand was still lacking lustre and it was unclear if the celebrity-heavy ad campaign would work. Could new CEO Daniel Schwartz and his team make the brand cool again - on the cheap? Drawing on data from a brand audit, the challenge is to (i) define the brand's identity and choose among five positioning ideas; (ii) allocate expenses between television, digital and PR, and brand and restaurant redesign. For the digital and PR components, for example, students have to evaluate eight mock-ups created by Burger King's agency, and come up with their own ideas for Burger King to evaluate.


Marketing; Food; Advertising; Branding; Digital; Design; Packaging; Social media; Public relations; Health; Private equity; Zero-based budgeting
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