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Anupam De (National Institute of Technology, Durgapur); Gautam Bandyopadhyay (National Institute of Technology, Durgapur); Arindam Banerjee (Birla Institute of Management Technology)
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This case study follows the journey of one of the most remarkable Indian companies of our time: the Britannia Industries Limited (BIL). Britannia, the iconic food products giant went through a low in the year 2010-11. The input cost was high, demand was sluggish, and output prices were not rising. The profitability was at rock bottom. This case examines the challenges faced by BIL and the reasons behind the fall in performance by the company during the year 2010-11. The company also faced stiff competition from competitors eg ITC and Parle. BIL subsequently took several steps to address the challenges. The case throws light on the strategies followed by BIL to overcome the challenges. The steps taken by BIL resulted into substantial improvement of financial figures and key financial ratios over the years. This case is designed to enable the students to understand the innovative steps taken by a company with specific reference to BIL. The case stimulates the students to understand the strategic decision making process.


Accounting; Financial ratio analysis; Financial ratio analysis and performance; Branding a commodity
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