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Darden Business Publishing (2018)
18 October 2019
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The B case follows John Law after the crash of the Mississippi Bubble. From 1721 to 1723, John Law hovered near to France, hoping to receive a message from the regent to return and repair his system. Throughout his exile, Law maintained an amicable relationship with the regent and always hoped to return to France. Meanwhile, the French political pendulum continued to swing to the right, in favor of the financial system of the ancient regime. In short, the new regime deconstructed Law's system: institutions closed, monopolies redistributed, and government debts renegotiated or repudiated. The government sharply limited the granting of corporate charters and development of the banking industry.


National debt; System deconstruction; Policies of debasement and deflation; Ethics; Ethics in information technology; Finance; Financial institutions; Governance; International finance

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