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Management article
Reference no. F1110Z
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Harvard Business Publishing (2011)
October 2011
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in "Harvard Business Review - Forethought"
3 pages
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To maximise their effectiveness, colour items should be printed in colour.


It's the ultimate bottom-of-the-pyramid challenge: How do you create a well-designed, safe, and affordable house for the world's poorest people? When Vijay Govindarajan and Christian Sarkar posed that question in an blog post in August 2010, they offered their own simple sketch of a possible solution - and wondered if a version could be mass-produced for USD300. Since then the USD300 house has become a full-fledged movement, with a growing list of advisers, a website (, and corporate sponsors. In June 2011 the group announced the winner of its first design contest, sponsored by Ingersoll Rand. Here is the first-place entry, as voted on by members of the online community at Due to the highly graphical nature of the Vision Statement, we offer this reprint in color, PDF format only.


Customization; Poverty

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