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Reference no. IMD-7-2008
Subject category: Marketing
Published by:
Institute for Management Development (IMD) (2018)
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14 pages
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Field research


Robin is a B2B technology (SaaS) start-up, founded in Boston, MA in 2014, that develops and sells workplace software products designed to help companies manage meeting room scheduling. In March 2016, following a period of underperforming sales results, Sam Dunn, sales leader and co-founder of Robin, realizes that he must make changes to the sales area if he is to achieve Robin's sales targets and meet the expectations of the company's venture capitalists. In two months' time, Dunn will pitch to the investors for Series A funding. His dilemma is clear; the current sales results do not show the required 'repeatability and scalability' required to convince the investors. Dunn realizes he must design and present a reworked sales process. This "re-engineering" exercise prompts him to also question if he has the right team in place to implement a possible "new and improved" process.


Marketing; Business to business; Technology; Sales; Communication; Start-up; Entrepreneurship; Venture capital; Software as a service
USD1.5million per year; 8-10 employees
Other setting(s):
March 2016

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