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INSEAD (2018)
13 pages
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Field research


This case focuses on the contribution of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), an American trade organization based on an industry-wide collaboration and a multi-stakeholder approach, to the fashion industry. The Higg Index is a self-assessment tool that aims to measure and reduce the environmental and social impacts of apparel supply chains. While the SAC's initiative is succeeding as far as the global scenario is concerned (measured by the number of member companies and adoption of the Higg Index), the challenge is changing. New strategically relevant issues force SAC to re-evaluate its approach to future expansion.


Sustainable Apparel Coalition; Textile industry; Self-regulation; Higg Index; Patagonia; Wal-Mart; Fast fashion; Sustainable fashion; Jason Kibbey; Rick Ridgeway; Apparel industry; Wicked problems; Pilot washing; Self-assessment

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