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Amity Research Centers (2018)
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Amazon, the online colossus, had announced the opening of a new brick and mortar store called 'Amazon 4-star' in New York's Soho neighbourhood marking the company's latest foray into physical retail. The new format boasted an assortment of the website's best-rated and new and trending products that were rated 4-stars or above, curated by customers. Featuring items ranging from Amazon's own digital devices, kitchen appliances and consumer goods to toys and games, the physical store signalled Amazon's deeper ambitions into traditional retailing. Touted as the next-level omnichannel retailing format, the latest move by the company was expected to render enhanced shopping experience by allowing shoppers to check the merchandise personally before buying them. By bringing online customer reviews into the physical retailing realm, Amazon had intended to tap customers who preferred traditional shopping over online shopping. With traditional in-store shopping experiences lacking any form of social evidence and Amazon with a huge databank of customer ratings and online reviews, was hoping to leverage that strength with a new physical storefront. However, it remained to be seen if Amazon, with these endeavours would gain further impetus in the core retail segment. Would the company's ambitious push from the online space to the first of its kind brick-and-mortar network aid its topline growth and turn out to be a game changer in retail?

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Alibaba Group; Restructuring Amazon's 4-star concept store; Amazon; Jeff Bezos; Amazon Go; Whole Foods; Amazon web services; Wal-Mart; USD1 trillion market capitalisation; New York; Soho; Cameron Janes; Apple


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