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Subject category: Marketing
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Lagos Business School (2018)
11 pages
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This article reviews the concept of brand architecture and gives insight into the variety of perspectives to its meaning. A review of the literature on this subject shows that the meaning of brand architecture has been conceived along three theoretical dimensions, namely corporate, product and mixed. The article presents common issues that determine the nature of brand architecture in organisations. These include (i) organisational history, (ii) industry and business model, (iii) corporate structure, (iv) market expansion mode, (v) corporate identity relevance and product diversity and (vi) product-market features. Importantly, the concept of 'brand relationship spectrum', which champions the concepts of 'branded house', 'house of brands', 'endorsed brands' and 'sub-brands' strategies are discussed. These concepts underscore the strategic levels for crafting efficient brand architecture within organisations. The article also highlights a variety of benefits attributable to brand architecture. Importantly, the article helps to deepen our understanding of brand architecture and demonstrates the importance of brand architecture in the management of brand portfolios and product-brand relationships and the design of the overall brand strategy.

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Branding; Brand architecture; Brand portfolio; Product; Marketing


The events covered by this item took place in November 2018.

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