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Subject category: Marketing
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Amity Research Centers (2018)
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In September 2018, Nike released its latest 'Just Do It' advertisement as part of its 'Dream Crazy' Marketing Campaign. Narrated by Colin Rand Kaepernick (Kaepernick), the advertisement goaded athletes and sport persons to dream big. It showed young athletes competing in spite of challenges and highlights gender, disabilities and weight issues. The advertisement created a controversy, a buzz both online and offline. There was divisive reaction to the advertisement. Some liked it and others didn't. However, the controversial advertisement had helped Nike's business by getting USD160 million worth of exposure. Nike using Kaepernick in its marketing campaign was hailed as 'a stroke of genius'. Analysts claimed that Nike's moves were 'necessary to stay relevant and ahead of peers'. However, some analysts were of the view that airing of the advertisement was a risky move. Amidst this backdrop, will Nike's marketing gambit payoff?

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This item is suitable for undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education courses.


Nike Inc; Colin Rand Kaepernick; 'Just Do It' advertisement; NFL; Controversy; 'Dream crazy' marketing campaign


The events covered by this item took place in 2018.

Geographical setting

United States

Featured company

Company name:
Nike Inc
Public company

Featured protagonist

  • Colin Rand Kaepernick (male), American political activist and Football Player

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