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Reference no. 9-519-007
Subject category: Marketing
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Harvard Business Publishing (2019)
18 July 2019
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30 pages
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The brand management of places, such as countries, cities and regions, has received increasing attention in recent years. The associations, impressions and reputations that people have of a certain place can have a big impact in a number of areas - from tourism, to exports, to drawing talent, to securing foreign investment, to public diplomacy, and to political leadership. Consequently, a number of stakeholders may attempt to influence the perceptions that people have about a place in a way that is conducive to their goals. This background note lays the ground for instructors to expose students to the concept of a place brand, allow examining the ways in which it may be influenced, and examine the motivations of the various actors. The note provides ample examples of countries and cities that have actively tried to shape their brand identity and further exposes students to recent trends and vehicles (such as social media) relevant for the branding of places. The note raises a set of issues on this topic that can serve as the basis for a rich classroom discussion.


Branding; Brands; Business & government relations; Marketing

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