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Reference no. BEP7573
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Business Expert Press (2019)
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"Our Glassrooms: Perceptiveness and Its Implications for Transformational Leadership"
26 pages


This chapter is excerpted from 'Our Glassrooms: Perceptiveness and Its Implications for Transformational Leadership'. We have had various leadership attributes discussed across the world and most of them have been accepted, but this one attribute of perceptiveness has been overlooked, particularly in the context of transformational leadership. In this book the entire effort has been to focus on the significance of perceptiveness of an individual that takes one to formidable heights, to show its relevance in the most revered professions and more so in the corporate world. Individual personalities and their life stories have been depicted to highlight this experience. The style of managing the corporate has been most susceptible to change for the rapid growth in technology and changes in the physical and social environment. These leadership styles are prone to quick adaptation and perceptiveness is the one attribute that will show the way. Relevance of the attribute has been discussed with examples in different functional domains. The success stories of some organizations with futuristic vision have also been cited in the concluding part of the book.


Alertness; Awareness; Behavior; Leadership; Responsiveness; Transformation; Watchfulness

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