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Core curriculum reading
Reference no. 8153
Subject category: Marketing
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Harvard Business Publishing (2014)
30 June 2014
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31 pages
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This reading provides an introduction to the framework for marketing strategy: how a business creates and retains a customer. It begins with a description of the 5Cs analysis for developing a marketing strategy (customer, company, collaborators, competitors, and context). It then discusses two sets of decisions every organization needs to make: the Aspiration Decision (what the company hopes to achieve in the market) and the Action Plan Decision (or 'marketing mix' of the 4Ps-product, promotion, placement, and price). Finally, it considers the different kinds of actions required for customer acquisition vs customer retention. This reading can serve as an overview reading for the Core Curriculum in Marketing series.


Customer retention; Manufacturing; Market segmentation; Marketing; Marketing channels; Marketing mix; Marketing planning; Marketing strategy; Pricing; Product positioning; United States

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