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Reference no. 519-0002-1
Compact case
Subject category: Marketing
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London Business School (2019)
5 pages
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This short, fictitious case provides a basis for discussing brand valuation for several purposes (eg, capitalization of intangible assets on post-M&A balance sheets, input into managing and leveraging the brand across the business, setting transfer prices to optimize international taxation, setting rates for brand licensing agreements, evaluating brand ROI, and co-branding revenue splits between parties). It does so from the perspective of a luxury brand's chief marketing officer (CMO), Lena Muller, who is furthermore worried how the choice of valuation method might affect her annual bonus. Lena is particularly concerned by the vastly different valuations ascribed to leading brands by two of the leading league table providers, Brand Finance and Interbrand, who use different methods to do so.


Brand; Brand equity; Brand valuation; Intangible assets; M&A; Licensing

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