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Core curriculum reading
Reference no. 8105
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Harvard Business Publishing (2014)
31 January 2014
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29 pages
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Core curriculum in strategy is a series of readings that cover fundamental concepts in strategy. Readings include Interactive Illustrations which help readers master complex concepts quickly. 'Competitive Advantage' introduces core concepts in competitive advantage including value creation and distribution, added value, and willingness to pay and supplier opportunity cost. The reading explores how a firm's unique activities directly relate to establishing competitive advantage. Readers also learn how to analyze a firm's value proposition. This reading includes 6 Interactive Illustrations: Division of Value, Added Value Concept, Types of Competitive Advantage within a Specific Segment, Irizar's Value Chain, Cost Component Analysis, and Relative Cost Analysis.


Competitive advantage; Diversification; Economic analysis; Strategic analysis; Strategic planning; Strategy; Sustainable competitive advantage; Transportation; Value added; Value chains; Value proposition

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