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Core curriculum reading
Reference no. 8123
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Harvard Business Publishing (2015)
30 June 2015
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38 pages
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Core curriculum in strategy is a series of readings that cover fundamental concepts in strategy. This reading distills, synthesizes, and builds on insights from 5 academic domains that inform the topic of global competition: economics, international business, global strategy, business strategy, and corporate strategy. It identifies the challenges of competing internationally as well as the need for firms that do so to develop a global strategy. It also introduces the DDD framework (deployment, development, and deepening). The reading then identifies the many factors that firms need to consider while developing and implementing a global strategy, such as activities, location, and timing. Together, these insights illustrate how competing globally differs from doing business in a single country and suggest frameworks that provide options for global value creation and value capture.


Foreign investments; Globalization; Globalization strategies; International business; Strategy

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