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Reference no. BW0006V
Subject category: Marketing
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El Izi Communications Consultancy UK Ltd (2019)
21 minutes
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Field research
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It is widely accepted that branding in the fuel sector is much more difficult than most other sectors, given the fact that the product and its price is almost standard in any given location. Therefore differentiating the product is almost impossible. This makes the services given to customers by any filling station crucial, while competing with other brands. In this case we see how Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) is used by Opet for understanding their customers better, so that they could make use of the CRM data for attaining higher customer satisfaction. In this case Opet Marketing Vice President (2004-2018) Timucin Guler, explains how CRM evolved at Opet since 2004 and how it helped the brand in differentiating itself from competitors. We also see how rules of the game can change via new legislation and how companies should be able to adapt to these changing conditions quickly in order to be able to survive in the market place. In the Q&A section, the definition of CRM, how CRM has evolved over the years are covered. In addition the importance of backing up CRM campaigns with relevant communication campaigns is highlighted for getting the best results out of CRM.

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This item is suitable for undergraduate courses.


CRM; Data analysis; Marketing; International markets; Emerging markets; Turkey; OPET; Energy sector


The events covered by this item took place in 2004-2016.

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Opet Petroleum PLC
Public company

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  • Timucin Guler (male), OPET Petroleum Marketing Vice President (2004-2018)

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