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INSEAD (2019)
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Air Liquide, a leader in centric industrial and healthcare gases, seeks to develop 'customer intimacy' through digital technologies following its acquisition of US company Airgas. VP Olivier Blachier is tasked to articulate for the board a vision of customer centricity and a digital strategy. First he must unpack the type of relationships that they each have with their core customer segments, and then select approporate digital technology - from AI to big data, social media or robotics - for small, mid-size and large customers respectively. New organizational structure are needed to support the group's digital transformation, foster agility in a fast-paced environment and and turn Air Liquide into a learning agent.


B2B marketing; Digital strategy; Digital transformation; Customer centricity; Customer digital maturity; Customer relationship; Customer intimacy; Marketing strategy; Digital technologies; Social media; Gamification; Big data; Competitive advantage; Digital organisation; Air Liquide; Industrial gases


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