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NeilsonJournals Publishing (2018)
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in "Operations Management Education Review"
22 pages


This teaching brief reviews a number of successful, published 'hands-on' quality control workshops and describes a new workshop that covers the same statistical process control material but using an application (non-physical object) oriented approach. This approach can be incorporated into an online course or into a flipped classroom. The application was designed for business students who have had no previous training in quality processes. As with the 'hands-on' workshops, our online activity involves students collecting data, graphing and interpreting it using X-bar and R-charts, and determining a process's capability. Students widely preferred this interactive learning method to a traditional lecture, and learned concepts as indicated in a pre- and post-test analysis. This article has been peer reviewed by the editorial board of the Operations Management Education Review (OMER).


Teaching using workshops; Quality management; Hands-on and online application experiential exercises

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