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Technical note
Reference no. UVA-F-1860
Published by:
Darden Business Publishing (2019)
26 April 2019
Revision date:
34 pages
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Published sources


This technical note discusses the various financial services segments in which technology solutions have been used to solve problems, including lending, payments, wealth/investment management, insurance, and regulation. For each of the segments, the note identifies key issues facing the segment, why and how fintech might provide an answer to the challenges faced, and the potential difficulties fintech may experience in doing so. For example, in lending, fintechs could solve issues related to access and convenience-without the need for costly infrastructure. The note also discusses the potential advantages/disadvantages of traditional banks over fintechs. Finally, the note describes influential technologies that are used in fintech such as application program interface (API), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning.


Fintech; Lending; Payments; InsurTech; RegTech; API; Blockchain; AI; Machine learning; Cloud; Financial technology; Finance; Capital markets & investments; Credit markets & instruments; Financial institutions

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