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Shweta Jaiswal Thakur (NTPC School of Business); Alka Rai (NTPC School of Business)
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Mr Marsh Mellow, the Sr Vice President of Work Flow Management and Business Development at BigReturns, sitting in his cabin was reflecting on the decision of promoting Mr Anson Roy as the Sr Manager of Business Development Team in Delhi. Anson was the star performer of the Business Development Team in Mumbai. Marsh put forth the recommendation to promote Anson to the role of Sr Manager and his transfer to NCR (National capital region) office due to the sudden departure of the predecessor. The recommendation was accepted by the top management and thus Anson was appointed as a new Sr Manager of NCR region. Mr Marsh had high hopes that with the arrival of Anson in the team the business would scale new heights. However, he was completely taken aback when he saw the quarterly reports. The scores on most of the parameters like engagement, innovative ideas, client acquisition had declined. Marsh had expected a manifold increase in client acquisition, retention and engagement scores of the team after Anson’s arrival, but the facts spoke otherwise. Realizing and accepting the difference between expectation and reality wasn’t easy for Marsh. After going through all these revelations from reports and discussion, Marsh was wondering whether he had taken the right decision.

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