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Subject category: Marketing
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El Izi Communications Consultancy UK Ltd (2019)
20 minutes
Data source:
Field research
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Usually we read about success stories of international brands and how they became market leaders in new markets they entered. In this case, we will be analyzing a local brand from an emerging country, competing in a highly competitive market against well-known international brands, and continuing to be the market leader in the baby care category since 1983. Dalin was launched in Turkey in 1983 as a 'baby shampoo with no more tears' positioning. In this video case, Sibal Caglar, Dalin Marketing Director explains how Dalin as a local brand has been competing with international brands over the years; while still dominating the baby hair care category with a 48% market share in 2017. In the case we will study brand equity as put forward by Prof D Aaker and how Dalin has been making use of each and every element of brand equity in its branding efforts.


Competion; Brand equity; Marketing; International markets; Emerging markets; Turkey; Dalin; Baby care

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