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SDA Bocconi (2019)
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14 pages
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The Redesigning the Lavazza logistics network case is an interdisciplinary case introducing the very recent subject matter of logistics network design and management. The case provides background on Lavazza, with general information about the company and its different business areas, and on the coffee industry, focusing on coffee sourcing and production. The case also analyses the development of the distribution network from the late 1990s until 2012, following the evolution of the logistics department and its role in the company. As a matter of fact, at the end of the '90s - beginning of 2000's, the Lavazza logistic department was acutely aware of the growing burden that demand fluctuations imposed on the company's distribution system. This brought the company to face the dilemma of making a logistic 'make' or 'buy' decision. At that time, what was the best decision to be made? How to redesign the logistic network?

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