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RSM Case Development Centre (2019)
11 pages
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Field research


Founded in 2009, HousingAnywhere started as a student-to-student platform proposing its services to universities. At the time, the focus was to help international students find a suitable home in the Netherlands. Not only did the need for accommodation grow bigger, but international mobility became an overriding priority. Along with the evolution of the rental market, the company evolved in order to 'help people with housing, anywhere', including young professionals and expats. HousingAnywhere made it also part of their mission to educate, and collaborate with, property managers and other housing agents to ensure suitable rooms, apartments, and studios to all their users. The shift in focus shaped internal changes in the structure of the organization. While the mission aspect of the company, namely the Sales department, worked in a hierarchical fashion, the functional aspect -the Product Development department - worked in a Matrix structure. operates now as a global rental accommodation platform and aims to scale up from 5 targeted cities to 20 cities by 2020. How can it ensure that its main departments are well-aligned and that it is well-organised internally, in preparation for its expansion?

Teaching and learning

This item is suitable for undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education courses.


Start-up; Housing; Students; Young professional; Network effect; Scale up; Organizational design; Internal alignment; Differentiation; Integration; Company culture; Matrix organization; Hierarchy; Personal development; Goal setting


The events covered by this item took place in 2009-2019.

Geographical setting

the Netherlands; Germany; Austria; Belgium; Italy
Rotterdam; Berlin; Vienna; Brussels; Milan

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Company name:
Housing Anywhere

Featured protagonist

  • Djordy Seelmann (male), CEO

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