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Goutam Kumar Kundu (Vellore Institute of Technology); Syed Khalid Perwez (Vellore Institute of Technology)
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The primary subject matter of this case deals with site selection and aims to select a minimum number of warehouse locations covering a number of dealers. The case narrative describes a decision scenario and presents a problematic decision analysis requiring the application of Operation Research technique; the case illustrates a decision maker’s dilemma related to the use of an appropriate method. This case is designed to help students develop a working understanding of the solution method for set covering problem and its use for managerial purposes. The case will enable students to comprehend and formulate set covering model pertaining to warehouse location selection. This hypothetical operations research case requires students to apply solution method for set covering problem. It is designed to be taught in two class hours and is expected to take approximately four hours of student preparation time. It can be used in an operations research, operations management and supply chain management courses for learning purposes.

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Set covering problem; Integer programming; Warehouse location selection


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