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IESE Business School (2019)
5 June 2019
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Field research


Miguel Fluxa, CEO of Camper, had just returned from a visit to a customer, who, in addition to selling Camper shoes, was delivering clothing from store to online customers. He found it to be an inspiring idea. Miguel rushed to see Sito Luis, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Camper, to ask him whether it would be possible to connect orders to stock from the Camper store network worldwide. Sito replied that, in principle, it should be possible. Indeed, the IT system was able to provide real-time information about stock availability at each store. Also, Camper's logistic partners were already offering shipment services from store pick-up points. Miguel and Sito quickly shared the idea with the upper management at Camper. To test the concept, they set up a pilot at a store in Mallorca. The experiment was quite simple: when the central warehouse in Barcelona was stocked out of a certain product, online orders from Spain would be assigned to that store. That day, when Miguel finished the daily round of meetings at the office, he visited the pilot store. He found the sales team overwhelmed: they were busy preparing 300 online orders. Usually that store would sell at most 40 pairs in a day. Miguel immediately called Sito and explained the situation. After the unexpected success of the pilot, they connected orders to all stores in Spain. e-Commerce sales grew by 92% in the first month of the initiative. In Sito's mind, the next step was now to roll-out the initiative worldwide, and identify other opportunities to increase sales, reduce stock buying and improve margins.


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