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Alexander Korchagin (Moscow State University); Vera Cherepanova (Studio Etica)
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11 pages
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Field research
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This case is based on a true story that happened in spring 2018 in Moscow, Russia. Dmitry Levitsky, a prominent restaurateur, owner of several restaurants and bars across the country, was faced with an ethical dilemma when the marketing concept of one of his restaurants was challenged by a pregnant woman Ekaterina. Restaurant staff refused to meet her special request for her meat to be cooked well done due to the restaurant owner's unwavering 'no steaks well done' conviction. Ekaterina had to leave the place, hungry and frustrated. Later that day she posted her controversial experience on the restaurant’s Facebook page and copied it in a message to Dmitry. He shared the message, asking his 5,000 followers how they would have treated the situation. Although the case is focused on an ethical dilemma, it has a very unusual context. Often the cases with ethical dilemmas describe a workplace situation faced by an employee in the office. This case stands out from that crowd with an appealing restaurant setting and a situation we all could easily relate to. At the same time, the case is still focused on a business management decision. Dmitry’s original Facebook post got almost 8,000 comments confirming the interest within broader audiences. Not surprisingly, the opinions differed dramatically, which demonstrates the considerable potential for discussion of the case.

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This item is suitable for undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education courses.


Business ethics; Organizational behavior; Ethics & social responsibility; Values and ethics; Entrepeneurship; Stakeholder management; Leadership & decision making; Leadership & values; Ethical dilemma and decision making; Decision-making; Facebook; Social media; Marketing; Ethics in marketing; Restaurant business


The events covered by this item took place in 2018.

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Meat Puppets Bar & Meatarea
Restaurant industry

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  • Dmitry Levitsky (male), owner

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