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Indradevi Balasundaram (Vellore Institute of Technology)
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The new era of industrial digitization has called for companies to invest in technologies and solutions that allow their own systems, equipment, staff and even products to be incorporated into a single integrated network for data collection, data analysis, business development assessment and performance improvement. While computers and robotics were also available earlier, they have revolutionized the possibilities they bring. The transition is based on data and it has turned out to be the strategic advantage in how it can be processed, evaluated and used to make the right decisions. This Fourth Industrial Revolution seeks to get the work done by robots and AI bots. Although Industry 4.0 creates many opportunities for businesses, the organizations also face many challenges. In order to get the ball going and moving, companies must schedule the transitions immediately. It is likely that companies operating with new technology will be subjected to this effect in line with the change in environmental structure. The industry's Industrial 4.0 transition will have a profound impact on processes for human resource management due to its business environment. Such automation will have an impact on the development of employee skills, the design of workplaces and sustainability of jobs of the workforce in this changing competitive working environment It is foreseen that at each stage technology integrated business processes will cause some of the unskilled employees to lose their jobs, while higher skilled employees will need more, but finding these employees and keeping them at work will be a HR challenge.

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Industry 4.0; Role of HR; HR 4.0; Industrial Revolution


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