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Reference no. IMD-7-2094
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IMD (2019)
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18 pages
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Field research


Certe, a Netherlands based Lab Chain approached Roche (amongst other competitors) to see how they could build a customer partnership to help them through a digital transformation that would radically change the role of labs and diagnostics in the future. Roche responded with gusto bringing in Business Development, Sales, Consulting R&D and Digital expertise into starting off the relationship on the right foot. The two companies engaged together in areas where they could collaborate, and then testing the collaboration through a design thinking workshop to re-engineer diagnostics for the Intensive Care Unit in 2 hospitals. The outcomes of the workshop were beyond the expectations of both parties - with tangible digital solutions coming from it. Given that other Lab Chains globally were starting to make similar noises, Roche Diagnostic saw an opportunity. How to scale these partnerships. However, the roll out was not as straightforward as possible: who would take charge: Roche Diagnostics country organizations; Roche Diagnostics Healthcare Consulting or Roche Diagnostics R&D? The answer was not obvious as the organization struggled to go the next step in making their customer partnerships a real differentiator.


Strategy; Partnering; Design thinking


The events covered by this item took place in 2018.

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the Netherlands

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Roche Holding
CHF 10 million
Health and medical services

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