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Copenhagen Business School (CBS) (2020)
16 pages
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Field research
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The case deal with the issue of sexual harassment. It is set at a Danish university in 2018. In the wake of the #MeToo movement in 2017, there had been critique concerning the university's reaction to sexual harassment. The university's diversity officer considers how to deal with the situation better. The case consists of three main parts: (1) Background knowledge on the extent and relevance of the problem of sexual harassment, in society in general as well as specifically in study environments (including official definition(s) of sexual harassment, prevalence of it, problem of underreporting). (2) Quantitative and qualitative insights into the current situation at the university (including how students define sexual harassment, which behavior they perceive as (un)acceptable, experiences with sexual harassment). (3) Six short stories, outlining different experiences of students with situations of (potential) sexual harassment (including ambiguity on how to judge the (potential) act of sexual harassment, the responsibilities of the people involved, and potential next steps). The case provides insights to reflect on the organizational challenges involved in dealing with diversity and organizational change in the context of sexual harassment. It also offers concrete incidents to exemplify the different dimensions of the problem, as well as to allow developing concrete solutions addressing different layers of the problem. The case is suitable for undergraduate and graduate students in organization studies and human ressource management as well as diversity and change management. It can also be used for intro week admin trainings and for assistant professor courses on inclusion and harassment/discrimination. This case is part of the CBS free case collection (visit for more information on the collection).


Sexual harassment; Sexism; Gender; Gender norms; Power; Diversity; Change management; Culture; Academia; University; Inclusion; Discrimination; Harassment; Intro week


Berkeley Haas Center for Equity, Gender and Leadership (EGAL) Case Compendium: DEI focus


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