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NACRA - North American Case Research Association (2019)
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Field research


Sunrise Construction Ltd (Sunrise) had a critical problem with the firm's Time Tracking System (TTS) business processes. The management team deemed the TTS fix a top priority for the firm since the failing system was crippling the firm's operations. Ben Smith, Vice President, Operations for Sunrise was given the responsibility of presenting a solution at the next monthly management meeting to fix the TTS problem. Problems with the TTS escalated leading to substantial indirect costs such as ill-informed decisions regarding resource availability, project costs and payments which negatively impacted the firm's operations, reputation and increased the risk of regulatory litigation. As a result, the sustainability of future business operations relying upon the TTS was brought into question. Furthermore, data integrity issues, redundant processes and bottlenecks with the current TTS were estimated to directly cost the firm USD21,000 annually. Smith hired an Information Systems consultant to help him navigate the faulty processes of the TTS, determine key system requirements and evaluate potential off-the-shelf, custom and process re-engineering solutions. They had to work quickly to determine a solution as the next management meeting was fast approaching and the firm was struggling.


Computer software; Information systems; Information technology; Project implementation; Project management

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