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ESSEC Business School (2020)
22 pages
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Field research


This is a French version. This case affords students the opportunity to discover how large charities and NGOs can innovate from within by setting up 'subsidiaries' supported by some of their managers and executives. The originality of the case lies in the fact that it studies an intrapreneurial innovation - here, a 'sheltering foundation' to attract new philanthropic resources for the mission - on the part of a large, established charity reliant on donations. The case enables students to: discover how innovation and intrapreneurship can take hold in a large, non-profit organization; understand how setting up a subsidiary is a possible strategy for developing new resources for this type of organization; analyze the success factors and consider whether this success can be sustained; learn how to manage such unexpected success, potentially generating a form of competition with the parent organization, and how to find balance between both organizations.

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