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Harvard Business Publishing (2021)
1 March 2021
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Amazon was one of the first entrants in e-Commerce. Under the leadership of founder Jeff Bezos, Amazon had expanded beyond books to manufacturing and selling a wide range of products and services globally. Bezos had built a customer-centric culture that permeated all aspects of the company. As Amazon continued to grow and expand into new business areas, would it be able to maintain its culture and practices? How much of Amazon's success depended on the cult of Bezos? As the company continued to diversify beyond Bezos's immediate oversight, what could Amazon do to ensure that it stayed relentless?


Analytics; Business growth; Cross-cultural relations; Exit interviews; General management; Growth; Leadership; National culture; Organizational behavior; Organizational culture; Retail; Talent management; Technology; Founders; Entrepreneurs
> 1 billion; Fortune 500

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