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NeilsonJournals Publishing (2020)
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in "Operations Management Education Review"
12 pages
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In environments characterized by turbulence, economic turmoil and uncertainty along with dramatic advancements in available technology and information availability, individuals with big data and supply chain analytics capability will continue to be in high demand. To reflect this new reality, universities will need to modify course content and pedagogy to meet industry needs. Based on industry data and an extensive literature review, we derive a course mapping model for big data and supply chain analytics. Specifically, we synthesize the literature on big data, structural elements of analytics, and outcomes. Using this model, we gathered 116 different supply chain analytics job descriptions posted on the world's largest job database ( Based on these findings, we offer recommendations to align academic programs with the needs of the industry. This case study has been peer reviewed by the editorial board of the Operations Management Education Review (OMER).


Big data; Analytics; Supply chain management; Empirical

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