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Subject category: Marketing
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Ivey Publishing (2021)
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13 pages
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Field research


Nima Gohil, head of the new digital and creative consumer research department at L'Oreal USA (L'Oreal), was preparing for the upcoming January 2016 board meeting at L'Oreal's research and innovation headquarters in Clark, New Jersey. L'Oreal's competitors were using new digital media to highlight beauty products to current and new users, and L'Oreal was under pressure to develop a better way to connect with consumers to maintain - if not grow - market share. Top management had also urged Gohil's department to reduce time and costs when collecting insights from consumers. Gohil focused on the hair care consumer segments, where she thought it was critical for L'Oreal to address and fully commit to the digital transformation that was being adopted by many other industries. She had only a few weeks to complete her assessments of L'Oreal's digital strategy and assets and to prepare a functional recommendation to upper management.

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Digital first; Digital marketing; Digital strategy; Consumer insights; Digital transformation; Marketing
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