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Phillip Hunsaker (University of San Diego)
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10 pages
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Generalised experience


Bladeco is a United States company that has recently undertaken an international joint venture with a Saudi Arabian company, in the precision steel products market. The newly appointed Middle Eastern Manager is eager to apply his international relations skills to enhance the sales of Bladeco products in Saudi Arabia. He enthusiastically accepts the overseas assignment as an opportunity for gaining international experience and advancing his career with Bladeco. But as an American expatriate, he immediately meets intense cross-cultural obstacles. What the Middle Eastern Manager must determine is how to effectively communicate with his Saudi counterparts in order to convince them to honour their commitments to aggressively market Baldeco products in order to reverse declining sales.


Cultural awareness and sensitivity; High context and low context societies; Interpersonal and group dynamics; International relations; Expatriate experience; Organisational culture; Effective communication; Marketing strategies

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