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Gabriele Suder (KEDGE Business School)
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12 pages
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Field research


The European military sector is particularly sensitive to geopolitical issues that have significantly changed since the collapse of the superpower bloc system. These issues, globalisation and economic integration, are tackled by business when macroeconomic integration evolves into microeconomic integration of a company. A ''Europeanisation'' industry creates a corporate pathway similar to the strategy of state governments that are pooling sovereignty to address issues larger and further reaching than the national level does. Conflict prevention, a major key to economic growth and stability, forces the military industry to adapt by diversifying its potential market, and by abandoning ancient sovereignty behaviour. Eurocopter, French-German helicopter merger, serves as a basis and application for teaching about: (1) the relations between French-German business structures; (2) the volatility of political-economic structures of the past; (3) of today''s European business integration; and (4) and a cross-cultural human resources management.


International business; Geopolitics; Cross-culture; Human resources management; European integration

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