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Reference no. 699-012-1
Published by:
WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management (1999)
23 pages
Data source:
Field research


Landskron Brauerei Goerlitz (LKB), a German brewery located on the Polish border, has just been re-privatised in 1992. The radical events which unfolded in the autumn of 1989 in Germany have taken everyone by surprise. The market for LKB has changed dramatically from a centrally planned economy where the brewery possessed almost a monopoly in its region, to a market based economy which; (1) were ''invaded'' by the ''new'' Western-German brewing competitors; (2) called for a new business treatment of the new distribution clients; (3) bred a more demanding consumer; and (4) last but not least, had to deal with the ''imported'' West-German laws and regulations. Landskron had to adapt to this new situation. The most necessary and urgent investment in the production process were made, a new pricing structure implemented, and a first large reduction in employment had been achieved. Many choices and risks, however, remain. The case provides an opportunity to assess a company in a transformation process of change management.


Change management; Production strategy; Marketing strategy; Eastern Europe
100-200 employees
Other setting(s):
To 1993

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