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IBS Case Development Center (2007)
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This structured assignment is to accompany the case ''307-412-1''. The abstract of the case is as follows: Acquiring Gillette for $57 billion helped Procter & Gamble (P&G) become the world''s biggest consumer goods company. However, this caused P&G problems. Prominent among them was integrating the oral care divisions of both companies - particularly its Crest toothpaste brand with Gillette''s Oral-B toothbrush brand. To complete the transition successfully, and also resolve all brand integration problems, P&G appointed Gilette''s Oral Care President Bruce Cleverly as Integration Manager. This case study helps discuss integration problems and possible solutions; most helpful in a mergers and acquisitions course, to understand the post-merger integration challenges. The case is structured to help students understand: (1) critical success factors in a successful merger; (2) integration challenges in mergers; (3) brand integration challenges; and (4) the successful merger story of P&G and Gillette.


Personal care products; Mergers & acquisitions (M&A); Integration challenges; Brand integration; Branding; Branding challenges; Proctor and Gamble; Gillette; Brand building in consumer goods; Oral care market in the US; Starbucks in Ireland
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