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Reference no. IMD-6-0321
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IMD (2009)
12 pages
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Field research


The case looks at ABB Transformer Products global manufacturing strategy as it prepares for a full entry into the highly competed Indian market in 2009. The strategy is centred on the focused factory concept. The focused factory approach requires factories, which previously built all types of products demanded by its local market, to specialise in a single product type for all the markets in the region. The case analyses the challenges and trade-offs of the focused factory approach, as viewed by one of the plants. Finally, the case asks the participants to consider the implications of the focused factory strategy in defining the best option to enter the Indian market. Learning objectives: the case provides a contest in which participants can ponder how a new manufacturing strategy affects the sales and service function and the entry options for expanding into new markets. In a sub-context, it provides a perfect example to understand the challenges of production planning in a process designed for customised products.


Manufacturing strategy; India; Focused factory; Global manufacturing; Process improvement; Customised production; Outsourcing strategy; Power generation
USD5 billion
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