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IBS Case Development Center (2010)
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Every organisation has a unique culture which is created through years of leadership, along with individuals who share common values and work to achieve organisational goals. Interaction and coordination among individuals and different groups influence the work culture, which in turn affects the projects undertaken by the organisation. Projects also affect the behaviour and interests of the group and individuals and vice versa. Apt project structure in an organisational structure is a key factor for organisational success. Quick Business Solutions, a software company, is facing a similar problem in structuring its project structure. This case deals generally with project organisation structure and integration, and in particular the kinds of structures applicable to projects. Finally, the case poses the following questions: Does a change in project structure have any impact on organisation structure? If yes, then how efficiently should a project manager build the project structure. The case is useful to: (1) understand the relationship between organisation structure and project structure; (2) highlight the roles and responsibilities of a project manager; and (3) understand the project organisation structure of Quick Business Solutions.


Project structure; Organisation structure; Software industry; Waterfall model; Information technology (IT); Project management; Functional structure; Matrix structure; Projectised organisational structure; Resource pool structure
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