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IBS Case Development Center (2010)
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The case study mainly deals with Abide Manufacturers Limited (Abide); a renowned manufacturing company established in 1950''s that enjoyed an exceptional position in the market. Of late, the company started struggling for survival in the wake of huge competition. After assessment, the management had decided to replenish its general manager (Quality) with a new one, Varun Mitra (Mitra). Mitra showed excellent improvement in one of the company''s production units which is the reason why he was appointed as the head of the quality department of the company. After research, Mitra decided to implement ISO 9000 and consolidate the gains after its implementation. In the long run, he had plans to implement Total Quality management (TQM). The implementation of ISO 9000 clarified roles and responsibilities of the employees within the company. The employees became more involved, motivated, committed, accountable and organised, which resulted in the improvement of the work culture. This case study can be used for: analysing total quality management, understanding ISO 9000.


Total Quality Management; ISO 9000; ISO 9001; ISO 9002; ISO 9003; ISO 9004; ISO 9000 standard; ISO 9001 standard; ISO 9002 standard; ISO 9003 standard; ISO 9004 standard; ISO 9000 requirements; ISO 9000 certified companies; ISO 9000 certification; ISO 9000 quality assurance
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