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Reference no. IMD-5-0543-ES
Spanish language
Subject category: Marketing
Published by:
IMD (2009)
27 pages
Data source:
Field research


This is a spanish translation of the case ''IMD-5-0543''. The case traces the development of the Nespresso System in a 100%-owned affiliate deliberately placed outside of Nestle''s main organisational structure. It highlights the team''s successes and challenges in creating a new, small, niche segment in the mature coffee market and its prospects for growing the business from SFR150 million to SFR1 billion within the next decade. A radical departure from most Nestle lines of businesses targeted to the mass market, the Nespresso story offers provocative lessons about innovation in large, highly structured organisations.


Innovation; New product development; Marketing a new concept to upsca; Direct marketing; Nestle
CHF150 million annual revenue in 1999
Other setting(s):
Autumn 1999

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