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Meet the team

At The Case Centre, we pride ourselves on being an efficient, forward-looking and friendly organisation, which always puts the needs of its authors, customers and members first. Our staff at both offices look forward to speaking to you.

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UK staff

The office in the UK serves all members and customers outside North America. It is also the contact point for all case authors and case publishers worldwide. Staff at our office in the US serve customers in North America.



Richard McCracken
Richard McCracken
t +44 (0)1234 756400
e richard@thecasecentre.org
tw cases_richard
Vicky Lester
Vicky Lester
Deputy Director
t +44 (0)1234 756405
e vicky@thecasecentre.org
tw cases_vicky

Customer Services Team

Lucy Baldwin
Lucy Baldwin
Customer Services Manager
t +44 (0)1234 756420
e lucy@thecasecentre.org
tw cases_lucy
Abbie Hoey
Abbie Furr
Customer Services Officer
t +44 (0)1234 756419
e abbie@thecasecentre.org
Cara Williams
Cara Williams
Customer Services Officer
+44 (0)1234 756414
Lucy Goodridge Lucy Goodridge
Finance Administrator
t +44 (0)1234 756415
e lucy.g@thecasecentre.org

Training and Events Team

Kate Cook
Kate Cook
Training and Events Manager
t +44 (0)1234 756409
e kate@thecasecentre.org
tw cases_kate
Hazel Walker
Hazel Walker
External Relations Manager
t +44 (0)1234 756418
e hazel@thecasecentre.org
tw cases_hazel
Hannah Blythin Hannah Blythin
Training and Events Developer
t +44 (0)1234 756411
e hannah@thecasecentre.org
Gemma Doran Gemma Doran
Training and Events Developer (Freelance)
t +44 (0)1234 756423
e gemma@thecasecentre.org
tw cases_gemma
Elizabeth Galvin
Elizabeth Thorne
Conference & Events Assistant
t +44 (0)1234 756403
e elizabeth@thecasecentre.org
tw cases_lizzy

Content Acquisition Management Team

Fran Baylis
Fran Baylis
Content Acquisition and Rights Manager
t +44 (0)1234 756412
e fran@thecasecentre.org
tw cases_fran
Nadia Buttice Nadia Buttice
Content Acquisition Management Assistant
+44 (0)1234 756408
Gemma Dougan
Gemma Dougan
Content Acquisition Management Assistant
+44 (0)1234 756422
Kerry Thornton Kerry Thornton
Content Acquisition Management Assistant
+44 (0)1234 756427

Media and System Development Team

Antoinette Mills
Antoinette Mills
Media and Systems Development Manager
t +44 (0)1234 756416
e antoinette@thecasecentre.org
tw cases_annie
Mike Horne
Michael Horne
Senior Systems Analyst and Developer
t +44 (0)1234 756436
e mike@thecasecentre.org
Farrah Baig
Farrah Baig
Media and Content Designer
t +44 (0)1234 756417
e farrah@thecasecentre.org
Mark Baker
Andy Barber
Systems Analyst and Developer
t +44 (0)1234 756404
e andy@thecasecentre.org
Paddy Day
Paddy Day
Media and Content Developer
t +44 (0)1234 756428
e paddy@thecasecentre.org
Peter Bennett
Peter Bennett
Systems Analyst and Developer
t +44 (0)1234 756432
e peter@thecasecentre.org
Jon Venables
Jon Venables
Systems Administrator
t +44 (0)1234 756431
e jon@thecasecentre.org

US staff

Our office in the US serves our North American customers.
Eric Aldrich
Eric Aldrich
General Manager
+1 781 239 5886
tw cases_eric
Tricia Haskell
Tricia Haskell
Customer Services Officer
+1 781 239 5884
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We are always interested to hear from the case community. Please contact one of our offices with your query or feedback.

The Case Centre (in the UK)

Cranfield University, Wharley End
Beds MK43 0JR, UK
t +44 (0)1234 750903
e info@thecasecentre.org

The Case Centre (in the USA)

Babson College, Babson Park
Wellesley MA 02457, USA
t +1 781 239 5884